Diet according to the blood group

It is said, that if you eat, according the blood group, you can keep your youth longer.  From all the foods, beverages andFoods for different blood types supplements you can take only what is necessary.

The diet according to blood group reduces the weight, because it denies the consumption of Lactina, that stimulate insulin release. It improves the absorption of glucose, fats and amino acids.

The blood group diets give you an idea what supplements are right for your blood type. Each blood group has specific metabolism, which requires certain vitamins and minerals.

These diets are successful in the fight against cancer. In combination with homeopathy or herbs they can kill the cancer cells. They can fight with diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, liver failure, asthma, allergies, sinusitis, kidney disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, arthritis, stomach ulcers, colitis.

The blood group diets include several food groups:

They are meat, game, poultry, seafood, dairy products and eggs, fats and oils, nuts and seeds, legumes, bread and bakery products, vegetables and germ, soy and fresh herbs / spices / fruits. Rely and sauces and other liquids of dried herbs, herbal teas.

Depending on its impact on the body (different for different groups) these foods are divided into three groups.

1. Very helpful and therapeutic foods.
2. Neutral.
3. Toxic – the effects of lectins.

Diet for blood group 0

For this group are good almost all fruits except blackberry and orange juice.
People should eat red meat regularly. Good are all species, otherwise there is a risk of anemia.Blood Type 0 Foods
Good fats are flax oil and olive oil.
Fish oil, sesame oil and corn are contraindicated.
You can eat walnuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, tahini and sunflower.
Do not allow cashews, peanuts, pistachios, brazil nuts.
From the beans can be eaten all without the lens.

The grain food is not suitable for people of blood groups 0. They are allowed to take only a little rice and oatmeal.From the vegetables should avoid alfalfa, cabbage and cauliflower, mushrooms and olives.
Potatoes and corn are not allowed.
Most of the spices are suitable, but should avoid cinnamon, nutmeg, black and white pepper, vanilla.No vinegar, even apple!
Suitable herbs dandelion, fenugreek, ginger, hops, lime, parsley, peppermint, rose hip and sarsapila.
Avoid completely alfalfa, aloe, burdock root, coltsfoot, corn silk, echinacea, gentian, red clover, rhubarb, senna, leaves of strawberries.

They can drink soda, beer and wine, but should exclude coffee, concentrated drinks, black tea, cola, Georgian and Chinese tea.
It should be avoided vitamins A, E and C, due to the specific metabolism of people with blood group 0. If you give them vitamin C, they bleed!

Recommended re the dynamic exercises. The relaxation exercises make these people nervous.

Blood Type A FoodsDiet for blood group A

People of this blood group are the only ones, who can become vegetarians. All others should eat right for the blood group type of meat.

They can eat all the fruits, that grows within the relevant geographic zone, but with the exception of lemon and grapefruit should avoid all other tropical fruits.
Milk, eggs, wheat products and almost all types of nuts can be eaten freely. It is allowed to consume less fish.
But it is contraindicated to take milk and ice cream.
From vegetables should not eat peppers, potatoes and tomatoes.All other vegetables are good for them.
From nutritional supplements are good antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin C, E.
They can receive also B vitamins, calcium and iron.
Suitable herbs are hawthorn, echinacea, astragalus, chamomile, valerian, milk thistle.Probiotics are beneficial to lactic acid bacteria in them.
You should not take vitamin A alone!

Adequate exercise – yoga, relaxing type.

Diet for blood group BBlood Type B Foods

Juice – cabbage, grape, pineapple. Avoid tomato juice.
All the fruits can be consumed safely.
Forget the lentils.
From the vegetables should be eaten tomatoes and radishes.
As a dietary supplement is better to take by 400-600 mg of calcium a day – mainly from green leafy vegetables, from grains, brown rice and legumes.
Very good for the people of blood group B is the sweet root, but it should be taken under medical supervision! It cleans the liver and biliary tract, has antiviral oriented works, influences well the stomach ulcers and regulates the blood sugar.
Good herbs are also ginkgo biloba and Siberian ginseng.
Ginkgo biloba improves the blood circulation in the brain and heart.
Avoid herbs – aloe, coltsfoot, corn silk, fenugreek, gentian, hops, lime, red clover, calendula, senna, shepherd’s purse.

Exercises are in two directions:  a little less relaxing and refreshing. You should take active workouts.

Blood Type AB FoodsDiet for blood AB

People in this group are allowed to drink any juice without orange.
As food additives may use low-dose vitamin C – 250 mg daily, zinc and selenium.
It is recommended to take seafood as hake, salmon, abalone, and to avoid eels, frog legs, pickled herring, oysters, shrimp and smoked fish.
From the vegetable oils should be avoided corn, sunflower and sesame oil.
People from this group can take 50 g daily chestnuts, peanuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds.But they must avoid hazelnut, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, tahini and sunflower.
From good cereals are millet, oats and brown rice, 1 slice wheat bread. They should avoid corn.
Suitable Vegetables: alfalfa germ, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, dandelion leaves, garlic, parsley, cabbage, carrots, ginger, horseradish, leeks, lettuce, wild mushrooms, okra, olives, onions, potatoes, squash, zucchini, tomatoes and turnips. Contraindicated are: chili peppers, black olives, peppers.
People from AB blood can safely eat lentils, green peas and green beans. You should not eat black beans and chickpeas.

The suitable meat is a little lamb, rabbit, turkey / no fat / and also liver and pheasant.
These people can not eat bacon, beef, chicken – causing blood clots and strokes .
Good spices are curry, horseradish, parsley, mayonnaise, mustard, turmeric, fenugreek, red chilly.
Avoid anise, almond extract, black and white peppers, ketchup and pickles.
Helpful drinks, but in small quantities – Chinese green tea, coffee, soda, beer, wine.
You should not drink concentrates , black tea, cola and other carbonated beverages.
Suitable herbs – hawthorn, echinacea, astragalus, chamomile and valerian, milk thistle and tea pineapple.

Exercise should be in one direction – relaxing as yoga.


I think the problem is, that most people do not have enough faith to comply with certain diet. A lot of people think that by making the diet for 1 week is enough to become a miracles. Miracles happen, but only when we change our diet to proper one, when we change our thinking and start some activities. We must eat sensibly. Begin the exercise, at least 3 times a week, start eating a certain mode (which is consistent with your blood group), but naturally more emphasis on fruits and vegetables. You will not lose weight for 1 week , you will need several months, but will tighten your body, you will be full of energy, will feel complete and self-confident. You will like your vision, what is exactly the aim.

I think this is the formula for good health and spirits, namely sports + nutrition.
I’ve never starved, but I believe that 1-2 days of treatment the body is useful.

I am a  blood type A. I feel fresh and superb when I eat, regarding my blood group!

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